Obsessed with the idea of having a lush , green lawn but don’t have the time or energy to mow it yourself? Introducing the cutting edge of technology; America’s latest and greatest robotic smart mower- The Honda Miimo!

Instead of spending hours trying to get the perfect, well-manicured lawn, the tech-obsessed can now kick back and play endlessly with their little lambs while the Honda Miimo does all the work. Miimo is the sleek robotic lawn mower that is professionally installed to your lawn, equipped with an alarm preventing theft and quietly trims your grass to absolute perfection. 

Not only does the Miimo groom your lawn with zero effort on your end so you can enjoy the dog days of summer but kids, pups and neighbors everywhere love it; so much that they stop in their tracks to watch it in action. This year, look no further than the Honda Miimo for the perfect gift for your tech-obsessed guy. 


This post brought to you by Honda Power Equipment. #LeaveItToMiimo

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