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London had a Little Lamb

In what feels like overnight, I have noticed London’s separation anxiety is at an all-time high. Whenever I attempt to even leave the room, she freaks out and cries these HUGE crocodile tears. No one can calm her down; not even her daddy. I am fortunate enough that I can get to the office a little late on some days so I have found myself laying there and consoling her until she falls back asleep.  She has also gotten into the habit of waking up earlier than her usual time and struggles to go back to sleep unless she is next to me. Nick used to think it was because she woke up hungry or had a wet diaper,  but I observe this behavior throughout the day, especially when our sitter arrives and we both leave for work. Although, this may seem like an exhausting burden to some parents, research shows that “Separation anxiety is a good sign… It means your child has a good attachment with you and is a strong psychological sign that they will grow to be confident and independent.” So stay calm, mamas! This too shall pass!

 Leaving your child with a sitter can be a nerve-wrecking experience for the both of you and sometimes it is harder on us mommies than it is on our children. As parents, it’s extremely important to encourage our children’s independence and growth but if the mere thought of leaving your child is enough to freak you out, like it did me, then my advice would be to start slowly.  Leave your baby with a sitter for an hour while you grocery shop or run a few local errands and slowly build your way up to longer visits and maybe even a romantic night out. Another thing to consider is having a sitter come to you. I always felt more comfortable knowing that London would be able to play with her toys in a familiar setting and then sleep in her own bed. I also found it way less stressful when the sitter came to us, as opposed to me having to drop her off somewhere.

In addition to finding some amazing sitters, I have found a few ways to ease my Baby London’s separation anxiety when I am getting ready to walk out the door.  For one, I take advantage of the “art of distraction.” I can usually get a giggle or two out of her by saying “peek-a-boo” or singing her a song in the midst of her wailing. She immediately forgets what was upsetting her and seems to be okay. I also always make sure to say goodbye to her and not sneak out. I want to make sure she always trusts me and ever since she learned how to wave “bye-bye” she seems to really enjoy doing so.  I am so thankful I only work a six-hour shift but whenever I can, I sneak in a little facetime so London can hear my voice and interact with me. She loooovvveess to facetime and gets the biggest smile on her face whenever she hears the phone’s facetime ring. Lately she likes to show off her clapping and jumping from couch to couch skills while I am on the phone with her. I am confident that our experience with separation anxiety is a phase that she will grow out of soon.

On another note, I’m sure you could guess what London and I were up to today- our builder had us back to working on our house homework. We went to a few bath and kitchen galleries so we could pick out the plumbing fixtures for the powder room and washrooms in our new house. Everything is coming along quickly and ahead of schedule so Mumma and London need to get everything done in a timely manner. I have attached some of my powder and washroom inspiration below and you can see even more on our Pinterest page here. Daddy says us girlies can pick everything out and he will just give us the final go. I love decorating and London is having a blast going to all of the galleries with me and checking out all of the shiny things.

After that we went for ice cream in downtown Birmingham and then walked to Shain Park. London and I threw a few pennies into the fountain and made a wish. I’ll end this with one of my all-time favorite quotes for all you girl mamas, “Little girls with dreams become women with vision.” Keep dreaming, my sweet London, love.



  1. My ‘baby girl’ is nearly 18 now but this post brought back so many memories! I couldn’t eat go to the bathroom and shut the door! She would bang on that door until opened it up! And like you I always made sure to say goodbye even if she was screaming her head off that I was going! Better than sneaking out xx

    • HAHAHA! I definitely haven’t been able to go to the bathroom alone since she became mobile. If I dare close the door, she starts bawling until I open it up and I just hate to see her cry!

  2. Sometimes I wish my child had separation anxiety. She’s miss independent and just wants to do her own thing all the time. While I am glad she doesn’t depend on me 24/7 sometimes I feel like I am missing out on bonding moments.


    • Thanks for visiting, Faith! It is a double-edged sword, for sure. Sometimes I love the way she needs me but then sometimes I get so anxious and wonder, ‘How am I actually going to leave her for work today?’ I have decided to embrace it because I know one day she’s going to decide that she’s a big girl and things are going to change 🙂

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