On London: Top: Kardashian Kids | Shorts: Rosie Pope | Flower Crown: Miracle Bowtique
Moccasins: Sweet N Swag | Photography: Marcella S. Photography

As many of you know, we took our first family vacation to Las Vegas last month. London was almost eleven months old so I wasn’t super nervous about flying with her but I knew I better do my research and prepare as much as possible. I am pretty happy that I have such a hands-on husband because let me tell you, it is no piece of cake traveling alone with a little one- so bravo to all of you mamas that have done it before. The thing that was most nerve wrecking is the fact that London is so mobile now and I hate not letting her have her space to explore and wiggle around. There is nothing worse then her being tied down in her car seat.

The number one thing I recommend when traveling with a little one is lots and lots of snacks. We make all of London’s jar food so I made sure to prepare a couple of her favorites. I brought a few jars of bananas and apple, sweet potatoes and vanilla yogurt and some easy snacks for her to hold like graham crackers and saltines. All of these goodies helped keep her busy and full while at the airport and while flying.

Another thing I was told to do was nurse or give her a bottle during take off so her ears wouldn’t hurt from the change in pressure. We packed a bottle but I nursed her during take off and she seemed to nestle in my arms and fell asleep shortly after.

Also, don’t forget the toys. I tried to pack things that were fun and colorful and didn’t make too much noise. We took a late night flight and I didn’t want to disturb people that were trying to get some shut-eye. London’s favorite thing was this adorable teether from The Lavender Baby. I don’t mind her gnawing on these teething rings one bit because they are made from all natural wood and BPA-free food grade silicone beads. All materials are hand-selected and naturally treated with flaxseed and olive oil, too. Which basically means they are super safe for our sweet babies.  She held onto it the entire flight while we watched Finding Nemo that I downloaded from my Ipad’s app store.

London is super active and once she woke up it was game over. She wanted to crawl around and talk to everyone. I tried to satisfy her curiosity by holding her and walking up and down the aisles. She loved it and I think a lot of the passengers did too.

I am so proud of my little girly and thought she did phenomenal for her first time traveling. Nick and I now joke that we may have a little world-traveler on our hands. Needless to say, we had multiple other fliers tell us she was so great and traveled so well. I am one of those people that tries not to sweat the small stuff so I found the whole experience to be pretty stress-free. This little trip really helped ease my nerves and I feel pretty confident about flying with my babies in the future. London had a fabulous time celebrating her first birthday in Las Vegas… I wonder where her birthday dreams will take us next year.

Today, my little bestie and I were off to design mommy’s closet for our new house. This was no easy feat as there were so many awesome options to choose from. You are also trying to design drawers and shelving to not only hold the stuff you currently have but everything that you plan to buy, too! L and I loved walking through the showroom and getting ideas. I have attached some of my closet inspiration below and you can find more on our pinterest here. “Until next time, you know you love me… XOXO!” Does anyone else miss Gossip Girl like crazy?! It’s only the best show ever!

Farrah and London


  1. Oh my heavens – what a little doll!! I have to completely agree about lots of snacks for traveling with babes. Or kids. Or husbands. Being hungry makes everything hard. Keep up the cute posts and photography. I’ll be back! 🙂

    • AWW thank you for visiting darling! I couldn’t agree more LOL.. The last thing us Mummas want is “hangry” husbands and babies 🙂

  2. Your baby girl is absolutely adorable. Traveling with babies can be very challenging; planning and carrying lots of “back up supplies/toys” is so important. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much, Rebekka! It’s true! Planning is a must for a successful trip with our cute little babies:)

  3. OMG these pictures are just to die for! London is the prettiest little doll I have ever seen. And yes I totally miss Gossip Girl every day. Oyyy, can they do a reunion series please? #blakelively #leightonmeester #Serena #Blair

    • AWW! We love you! We need a Gossip Girl party and Blake and Leighton need a reunion asap! 😉

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