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Now that Nick and I are just about ready for the twins and our new home (or so we think, right? lol), we have been talking about how to transition London from her crib to a big girl bed by the time we move. The builders have been saying that everything should be done some time in April and then the twins are due the first week of May so it is definitely going to be crazy. We still thought it was good timing to transition London from her crib now that she finally has her night time routine down. She has started taking us by the hand and walking us up to her room when she gets sleepy and even runs up there sometimes. It is too adorable; She knows that she’s exhausted and it’s time for “night, night!” Here are my tips for how to transition your toddler to their own bed.

Establish a quiet routine where you take baby a bath, read a bedtime story and head up to bed at the same time every night. Getting them to bed on time each night is so important for having them feel well-rested and ready to take on the new day.

We first started by ordering London a new mattress. I was sold on Qomfort because they deliver it right to your door, it is made free of metals, formaldehyde and other toxic materials, and they even offer a lifetime guarantee. Their mattresses are made of three layers of gel foam and are so comfortable! I crawled into bed with London the first few nights and completely passed out next to her. I’ve never had a gel foal mattress before that literally makes you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud! Another thing I loved is that it comes with a fabric cover that you can quickly unzip and clean, ensuring that the mattress will last a long time. Nick is constantly complaining about back pain and was worried that it may be too soft or too firm but we think it’s just right!

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Bed rails help make the transition from a crib to big kid bed safer and more comforting for you and your child. I always hear parents say how nerve-wrecking it is when they leave their baby in a big kid bed overnight for the first time, but these definitely help ease your nerves.

It is so important to get everyone on the same page and set the scene for our little ones. London is finally realizing that bed time means she gets some rest alone and in her own bed. As she gets older, she will understand more of what is expected of her and that she needs to stay in her own bed until the morning. 

We can proudly say that London has really got this big girl thing down and we have reclaimed our essential hours of sleep, laying the foundation for a life at home that is healthy, happy and full of energy just in time for the twins’ arrival so we can start all over again :)! Happy ZzZz!

What are some tips you have for transitioning your baby to a big kid bed?


  1. Aw, what cuties. It’s been a long time, but I still remember when we made the change for our girls. Comfort seems to be the key.

  2. Great tips! I was really surprised at how easily our son transitioned out of his crib (he was pretty old at that time….a few months short of three). I feel like my daughter will want out of hers soon and hope she transitions well too. I can’t believe how little time you have until you move and the twins are here! So exciting!

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