With three babies under three years old it has become so important for me to find products that are gentle and baby-friendly for my little lambs. On some days, I wish the laundry could just do itself but every other time, I use Dreft. I love the fresh smell and how soft the baby clothes feel after just one cycle. It’s iconic scent has been formulated to resemble the indescribable smell of babyhood and brings back memories of the first time I met my babies every single time I wash their clothes with Dreft. Most parents say that the scent of Dreft actually makes them feel bonded with their little one and this is just one of many reasons why I recommend Dreft for all new parents. What is super exciting is that Dreft has just introduced a new, limited-edition giftable package that’s made exclusively for baby and made uniquely by you.

Making your own unique bottle is easier than ever on Dreftbyyou.com! I am obsessed with the one I personally made for my number one mess-maker Leo. I picked out an adorable giraffe design because he’s obsessed with his  little giraffe toy that he has had since he came home from the hospital and hasn’t let it go since. He doesn’t let it out of his sight so I thought the mama and baby giraffe illustration was so fitting. It even came with a giraffe onesie that looks adorable on him. I love opening up packages with my babies and the minute Leo saw the little giraffes he started clapping and jumping for joy. My heart could have burst out of my chest watching him so excited. Our children really could teach us a thing or two about finding joy in the simple things like a bottle of Dreft made especially for those we love.

Dreft is a detergent that is specifically made for babies. It is formulated to effectively clean clothes while also being gentle on baby’s new and delicate skin. I trust Dreft because not only is Dreft the #1 pediatrician recommended baby laundry detergent and hypoallergenic, but it is also extremely effective at removing stains and keeping baby clothes looking like new.

The new Dreft by You offering makes the sweetest gift for parents everywhere and is the perfect item so that expectant parents can begin pre-washing baby clothes and fabrics before they are worn. With Dreft by You, you can make a personalized and unique baby gift that is unlike anything else on their registry. Your Dreft by You bottle can be designed down to the colors and images on the bottle along with a personal message and an adorable onesie for the new baby. Visit Dreftbyyou.com to design yours and give the gift of babyhood.

This post brought to you by Dreft.

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