Potty: Baby Patent HQ Clean Flush Potty

I was finally able to start potty-training this weekend and am so excited with the amount of progress we made! Having three babies in diapers is no joke and when I got to thinking about having one less child in diapers, I was super inspired to get started. We had planned a family getaway to Chicago for Labor Day weekend and instead of running around the Windy City like we usually do, I hung out with the kids in the hotel and had my best friend, Katie come visit. So if you’re dreaming about the day when you no longer have to change diaper blowouts then read below for some of my tips and tricks on how to potty train your 2 year old.

  1. Set the Stage
    I can’t be the only parent that has a 2 year old tagging along on bathroom trips, right? I seriously can’t remember the last time I went potty by myself when I was home with the kids alone. What better time to introduce London to the potty, the toilet paper, flushing the toilet and washing your hands?
  2. Take a Staycation
    This was the hardest part for me because I am seldom ever home with the kids for three days straight. I decided the three day holiday weekend was the perfect time to start. Except for a few short walks around the hotel, we stayed in the room pretty much the entire time. 
  3. Praise Dry Undies
    I ask London probably about 100 times a day if her undies are dry. I help her check and then praise her for being dry like a big girl. She gets so excited and smiles ear to ear because she is so proud of herself.
  4. Make it Fun
    We made it fun by getting snacks, watching our favorite cartoons and dancing to our favorite tunes. It ended up being more fun than a chore. We bought a new sippy cup and encouraged her to keep drinking so we could make more trips to the potty and by the end of the weekend, London whispered “potty” everytime she had to go. We would scoop her up and run her to the potty and she thought it was hilarious and I could tell she felt so accomplished. We decided to use the Baby Patent Clean Flush Potty. Once I saw that there was virtually no clean up, I was sold! It comes with liners that you put over the potty seat and as soon as your big kid is done, you remove the liner and flush it down the toilet. 
  5. Give Rewards
    Like all new things, it takes time. Be patient with your little person and of course continue to praise them and reward them with snacks, toys, or stickers. Every time London went, I would give her one m&m (It’s the dentist in me to limit her sugar intake LOL).
  6. Underwear Only!
    I threw away all of London’s diapers to make sure that we didn’t give in and kept her in underwear only. I bought London probably 20-30 pairs of underwear with her favorite characters on them and always let her decide which ones she will wear next. The easiest way to avoid accidents while sleeping is to stop all liquids 1-2 hours before naps and 2-3 hours before bedtime.What are some of your favorite tips and tricks? We would love to hear about your potty-training wins below!

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