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We finally picked out all of our kitchen and bath fixtures – YAY! That only took us a million years. London and I went to the kitchen and bath galleries nearly five times before we finally picked everything out. We did a mix of chrome and brass throughout the house because I just love the idea of mixing metals in home décor! We decided to add brushed brass fixtures to the kitchen and the powder room while using chrome fixtures throughout the rest of the washrooms. My favorite part was picking our slab of super white quartzite for the kitchen countertops and backsplash that presents a gorgeous, contrasting glow against the warm, brass tones of the hardware.

This brings me to my next post about mixing metals in home décor. Many people tend to shy away from this because they find it too hard to do… but this is an upcoming trend in interiors that I am just obsessed with because it adds personality and depth to your space.

I have gathered a few easy tricks to help you make this happen and show that it can be done effortlessly and look extremely chic. Here are my top tips on mixing metals in home décor- pretty soon you will have a space that is elegantly decorated with a splash of whatever alloys you choose… Happy decorating lambs!

1. Choose a predominate metal.
Then add accent pieces in contrasting colors. This looks esthetically pleasing to the eyes of your guests and helps everything looks professional and well-put together.

2. Blend metals in different hues and tones.
This adds a true personality to your space and prevents your room from looking too cool or too warm. Think warm brass, gold and bronze accents and for cooler tones, think chrome, silver and pewter.

3. Mix textures and fabrics.
Don’t forget fabrics also come in metallic hues that help add warmth and color to your space. You can also combine your metals in various finishes whether it be polished or matte to add a visually rich interior that is truly your own.

& Finally..
4. Have fun experimenting!
Remember, contrasting metals don’t have to coexist all throughout your entire home- many interior designers recommend working mixed metals into a single room or area like a gallery wall. This is also very on trend right now, especially in nurseries and hallways.

If you’re still a little hesitant, an easy way to incorporate a splash of metal is with a foil print. These gorgeous gold or silver works of art instantly add a pretty piece of glamour to any room. I recently ordered this one for L’s room that I am just obsessed with. It looks amazing with the different shades of grey and silver that I used for her nursery and  the marble tile I chose for her washroom. The carrara marble looks like a creamy piece of white chocolate that you just want to take a bite out of. I just love how posh and regal it all looks together.


If you are interested in one of these foil print pretties for yourself then Lovely Lettering is currently holding a special for all London had a Little Lamb readers and followers. Designer, Courtney Johnson is all about hand-lettered details that add a bit of luxury to your life.  Lovely Lettering loves to add their creative touch to any message, wedding stationary or artwork. The possibilities are endless- just show up with a dream and they’ll take it from there. To learn more about Lovely Lettering, or to customize your own foil print, please visit their foil metal gallery.

So tell me, Lambs- What do you all think of the mixed metals trend? Like it, hate it or can’t do without it?



  1. I love the idea. I am buying the furniture for the whole house these days (call me lucky) and adding metal touches is a pretty good option. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Rachel Dean Reply

    I’m really not sure what I think of mixed metals, although your picture looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see more!

  3. I’m a big fan! Mostly of the items we own are silver, but I adore gold so I’m a huge fan of mixing metals being acceptable! Hoping this sticks around a while!

  4. You make it look great! I don’t give it much thought. Haven’t changed any of the metal accessories/trim in our house since we moved here.

  5. Wow it all looks so beautiful!! Can’t wait to try out your tips in the near future 🙂 Such a great post, thanks for sharing! xx

  6. Perfect timing! I am just looking into updating some things in our dining room and trying to figure out how to coordinate them.

  7. Oh, I love the foil map! Gorgeous. I’ve always been afraid to use Metals in my decor- I don’t want it to look cheap or mismatched. But your post is inspiring 🙂

  8. I love silver! Never was a fan of gold or yellow gold It’s such a beautiful color to accent with! You’ve given me some great ideas for some frames I picked up at an antique shop! xox

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