London had a Little Lamb

Since starting London had a Little Lamb, my little girly and I have been so lucky to have come across so many beautifully talented people, artists, creative minds and shops. This inspired London and I to start a weekly trending post called “London Loves.”

When London was born I knew I wanted a baby girl nursery decorated with a ton of fashion images. This came as no surprise to all my friends and family, as everyone knows my love for fashion, and so began my search for the perfect artwork.  I came across so many beautiful images but one artist in particular caught my eye.

I was so taken aback by how real and raw her sketches were. Lucia’s work was not only catchy and fun but I loved the fact that she incorporated world famous landmarks into all of her pictures. Seeing this, I asked her to draw some fashion sketches for London’s room with famous tourist attractions in the city of London, England. She did an amazing job sketching the London Eye, Westminister Abbey, Big Ben, and the Tower Bridge. Her sketches were so perfect- I was in absolute awe when I received them. Lucia even asked me who my favorite designer was and said she would include that in her illustrations. Anyone who knows me, knows that Coco Chanel is my absolute favorite. Lucia’s attention to detail was beyond anything I have ever seen; I love how creative she was down to the detail of the ferris wheel cabins on the London Eye.  Words can’t explain how excited and blessed London and I feel to receive such a beautiful birthday gift from my new, talented and amazing friend.  I can’t wait to have them custom-framed for my little L’s room. They will be the most perfect addition to the couture and designer decor accents that I have collected over the years in hopes of someday having a baby girl to share it all with.

Lucia Malcekova is a Slovakian-born and raised artist. She left her parents’ home at a young age to study fashion design and pursue a career as a fashion advisor. It wasn’t long before she realized that it wasn’t the right career path for her, and she then discovered her love and passion for drawing. After living in Bournemouth, England for two years, Lucia is back in Slovakia, following her passion and pursuing her perfect career as a freelance illustrator. More of Lucia’s work can be seen and is available for purchase on her website.


  1. These are AMAZING! I love the attention to detail…..they are definitely perfect for London! Xoxo

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