Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion, Body Glow, Hand Cream, Body Wash, Travel Set: kai

If you’ve been a long time follower of mine then you know how much I love kai products. Remember this blog post here about my Mother’s Day gift to my mama this year? I have been using their products for months now and can honestly say it is one of the few brands that I can’t live without. It is the only premium fragrance, bath, body, home and hair care line that is based on a single scent; it smells of gardenia wrapped in white exotics and is the most dreamy, feminine and refreshing scent out there. 

All of the kai products smell divine and leave your hair and skin feeling ultra moisturized and super refreshed! I always keep the roll on kai fragrance in my bag and glove compartment in my car and never leave the house without using the kai body glow mist; It instantly hydrates and luminizes skin for an all-over. fresh, radiant and natural glow. The kai body buffer is the best way to exfoliate and cleanse while you’re in the shower or the tub and is one of the kai bath products that I can’t live without. 

What do my lambs think of kai? If you’re a bubble bath lover like me and haven’t tried their bubble bath then you’re missing out!

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