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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing mommies out there- especially mine! I finally get it now; A mom is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend. I am so grateful to God that I get to be called mommy by my four little lambs- especially my two littlest lambs that were the only ones that would sit for photos. There is nothing more fun, challenging or rewarding than being your mama! You complete me, I love you and my arms will always be home.

I can’t believe Poppy is already thirteen months old! We woke up on her birthday, gave each other high-fives and said, “YESSS we did it!” One whole year of exclusively breastfeeding done. While I wish it could last forever, I knew it was time to be done and I’m so grateful that we bonded over nursing for a whole year. And so begins the weaning process; As a result, our sweet, adorable and may I say, FINAL little lamb and I have been on one crazy roller coaster over the past four days. Holy moly! Why do I not recall weaning the others being as bad as it was this time around? My boobs were rock hard for the past 4 days— if you even looked at them it would cause excruciating pain. After searching the web and reading my own old blog post about weaning baby, I realized that there was not much out there about how moms get relief during this time. Keep reading below for some tips from my readers and I on how mommy and baby can make it through this transitional period. 

For Baby:

1. Try distracting baby by singing a song, tickling them and going to a different room than they are used to. -Thu Nguyen, @tandeminlove
2. Have hubby or someone else help with bedtime for the first new nights to help baby get used to their new bedtime routine. -Jennifer, @businessmumontherun
3. Keep baby hydrated by giving then frequent sips of water a few hours before bedtime.

For Mommy: 

1. Gradually cut out number of feedings per day and make your nighttime nursing session the last one to go. -Rasha Kesto, @rasha_kesto
2. Cabbage bra: As weird as it sounds, putting cool, clean cabbage leaves in your bra for 20 mins at a time (up to 3x/day) is super soothing and helps relieve the pressure and pain in your chest from weaning baby.
-Kristen Deponio, @kdeponio
3. Wear a tight-fitting (sports) bra.
4. Pump for short periods of time throughout the day to get relief from the feeling of engorgement.
5. Use a heating pad and take warm showers to get relief.
Drink No More Milk Tea

Have another helpful tip? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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