Organic Dream Blanket: Aden and Anais | Detergent: Dreft Purtouch
Whenever asked about getting ready for baby, most people mention the color they will paint the nursery or what they will be packing in their hospital bag. For me, it has always meant pre-washing baby’s clothes so they will be fresh and clean in time for our little one’s arrival. Folding up all of those little onesies and picking out the twins’ first outfits that they would wear home from the hospital made it so real; before I knew it, I would be a mama of three precious little babies under two years old.

I have always washed London’s laundry separately but now that I have three babies and a lot more loads of laundry, I wanted to find a gentle, baby-friendly detergent that would be the perfect fit. That’s when I came across Dreft purtouch. It is formulated to effectively clean clothes that will be gentle on baby’s new and sensitive skin. Not only is Dreft the #1 pediatrician recommended baby laundry detergent, but it is hypoallergenic and extremely effective at removing stains and keeping baby clothes looking like new.

Dreft purtouch is also 65% plant-based and free of any harsh dyes or chemicals. There is nothing sweeter than that newborn smell so it’s hard to understand why so many baby products are filled with chemicals that smell horribly and could potentially be harmful to our little ones. From the very first wash, to every wash after, Dreft purtouch is formulated to be the gentle and safe detergent for all of your baby’s needs.

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  1. A lot of first time parents learn the hard way that using normal detergent with baby’s laundry can often lead to some unpleasant irritation. Important to find a nice pediatrician product like this before you have a problem 🙂

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