On London: Fringe dress: Million Polkadots | Moccasins: First Steps | Baby Bow: Apple Baby Bowtique
Photography: Marcella S. Photography

London had a Little Lamb

London is always on the go these days! If she isn’t crawling all over the place then she is hopping from couch to couch or finding nooks and crannies in between furniture to hide out in. She loves toys that she can carry around with her, and she also loves pulling things out of baskets. She is just so active and fun- we love it!

One of London’s favorite things is to open the cupboards, take everything out and then open and close them again and again. Within minutes every piece of tupperware I own is spread out over my kitchen floor. In an attempt to keep my little munchkin safe, I only put plastic utensils and containers on the shelves within her reach. It is so entertaining to watch as she looks back to see my reaction but I just smile and tell her what a great job she is doing :)! She then takes her container of choice and slides it all around the kitchen floor as she crawls at the speed of light.


London also loves her share of cartoons. We don’t give London too much screen time, but we find it most useful in the mornings while she in the pack and play and we are getting ready for work. London’s favorite is Chu Chu TV– a collection of nursery rhymes and educational videos for babies.

London absolutely loves being read to. Nick and I attempt to read 2 or 3 short stories to her every night. She is so intrigued by the bright colors and illustrations and thinks it is hilarious when we impersonate different characters. She lays on daddy’s belly while he reads, letting out the occasional shriek or belly-laugh. She also loves to turn the page- even if we haven’t finished reading it yet. Her favorite book at the moment is“Giraffes Can’t Dance” by Andreae Giles.

Lastly, London loves our baby yoga sessions. I notice whenever I am in downward dog she loves to crawl underneath me. Alternatively, when I am in updog she likes to lie beside me and get in a little tummy time, too! I can’t wait til she is a little older and then we can namaste’ together ;)!

I have attached some photos from the long and amazing memorial weekend. “Real heroes do not wear capes, they wear dog tags!” Thank you to our amazing military for all of your sacrifices. Your actions do not go unnoticed! Our little family decided to spend the weekend at the Cass Lake Sandbar with family and friends. We barbecued and made yummy s’mores on the bonfire. London loved the flowing silhouette of her little pink dress and kept playing with the fringe along the bottom. I paired it with this gorgeous headband- the brooch is beyond stunning and the beautiful jewels can elevate any outfit. I hope you all had a safe and memorable Memorial weekend.. Until next time…


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