On Gisele: Swaddle: Nested Bean Deepsea Diver | Dock-A-Tot: Deluxe+ Mrs. Mighetto Lovely Day
On Leonardo:  Swaddle: Nested Bean Starry Safari | Dock-A-Tot: Deluxe+ Mrs. Mighetto Night Night


Your baby registry list may feel like it’s miles long but it doesn’t need to be! With Gugu Guru, you are able to take a registry style quiz that recommends items for your registry based on your personal needs and style. With product recommendations from every department, you can then publish your personalized registry and share it with all of your friends and family. 

I am so excited to share my list of the top five baby registry must-haves off of my Gugu Guru Registry below.  I feel like I bought so many things for London that I never even used. I’d like to think that I am so much wiser this time around and know exactly what newborn must-haves I’ll actually need and what items the twins will love.

  1. Nested Bean Zen Swaddle
    One thing London didn’t love when it came to sleep was getting swaddled. I feel like maybe I didn’t give it much of a chance because I simply used a swaddle blanket. This time around, I tried the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Step System for the twins and it made a world of difference.  The Zen Sleep System has these little weighted patches on the swaddle that gently mimic mommy’s touch and leads to better sleep for little ones and their mamas. Leo and Gisele love being bundled up and I noticed an increase in how long they would sleep for, right away.
  2. Dock-A-Tot
    I can’t believe I never had one of these with London. I nursed London for a full year and knew I wanted to attempt this with the twins too. I kept London in her bassinet right by our bed but she never seemed to like it. She wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes at a time so I would always bring her to our bed and we would both fall asleep nursing but I never felt completely at ease having her sleep between us. The Dock-A-Tot has been the most amazing little lounging station for both Leo and Gisele. Ever since we brought them home, they both have slept almost completely through the night and I have never felt better about co-sleeping with my babes. Even London loves them and has climbed into it to catch some Zzz’s. It is also known to be perfect for snuggling, naps and tummy-time. The best part is that you can take it with you anywhere and don’t have to worry about where you will be putting the babies down to sleep when you are out and about.
  3. Lorena Canal Rug
    Every mommy needs a cute and comfortable playmat to relax on with her babies. I loved the print on the rug we ordered because it’s the British flag in pink and that instantly reminded me of my sweet little London. It is also made from all-natural materials that are safe for baby play and tummy time. My favorite thing about Lorena Canal is that these rugs are machine-washable and come out looking brand new. I never have to worry about spit-up or stains because I can easily toss it in our washer and it comes out looking brand new.
  4. Project Nursery Baby Monitor
    Every mommy needs a baby monitor so she can peek in and take a look at her baby while they are napping or alone in their room. I love this monitor because it has an extended battery life and comes with a mini monitor that I can easily take around the house with me while I cook and clean as the babies sleep. The image on my Project Nursery Baby Monitor is also crystal clear and super easy to set up, making it one of my favorite baby gadget necessities.
  5. Finn and Emma Organic Baby Clothes
    I have always been an advocate of organic foods but it wasn’t until recently that I found out just how much chemicals, pesticides and toxins could go into making clothing and toys for babies. I find this to be so disturbing so I make sure to buy organic products whenever I can. I love that Finn and Emma clothing is fashion-forward, adorable, super soft and made with all organic materials for our sweet little babies.
  6. Belamour Baby Blanket
    I believe that every baby needs a signature blanket to call their own so when I came across the Belamour Collection, I knew I had to have them. They are snuggly, warm and plush and made from a super-soft chenille material, making it the perfect luxury baby essential.
  7. Milestone Cards
    These little cards are perfect for capturing all of your baby’s firsts from their first step to the first time they smile and more. They are so adorable and we love using them to capture all of the twins’ most memorable moments.

What newborn must-haves do you have on your Gugu Guru baby registry?
We would love to hear about them in the comments below.



  1. I am going to buy the dock a tot tomorrow. Sebastian hates sleeping in the pack and play. Wish us luck!!

  2. Oh my! The twins are so cute! Need to check out the rugs- how cool that they are washable!

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