On London: Purple Headband & Necklace, Pink Tutu Outfit: Custom-Made by It’s So Me Boutique
Mint Romper: Tutu Du Monde | Feather Headband: Love Little Lush
Purple Tutu: Miss Priss Tutus | White Tutu Dress & Gold Lace Crown: The Perfect Petunia
Yellow Tutu Dress: BumpNBeyond | Flower Crown: Ellis Originals 501

Venue: The Palazzo Grande | Photography: Marcella S. Photography
Flowers: Chic Events Design Balloons: Mad About Balloons
Custom L & 1 Prop: Charmed by Dena | Custom Cake Topper: Topper That
Sweet Treats & Ice Cream Cone Cake: Samantha’s Sweets & Treats | Ombre Smash Cake:Jess Marie  Pearl & Flower 2-Tier Cake: Kasi Cakes | Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches: Nostalgic Ice Cream

London had a Little LambAs many of you know, London turned one year old on July 30th. We had such an amazing weekend celebrating her. It’s crazy how someone so small can have such a huge impact on so many people’s lives. This past year has been truly phenomenal- there is something amazing about watching a little person’s imagination run wild and letting them express their curiosity all day.

We started off our celebration with London’s first birthday photo shoot. I dreamt of photos that would be an exact depiction of London’s personality- lovely, sweet and obsessed with all things girly.

Every detail was just fabulous and the day went perfectly. London enjoyed every minute of it! Nick kept on joking that she was coached on how to act; she was THAT perfect.  She was obsessed with the hot air balloon, the flowers, the sweet treats and even loved playing dress up! She is a total girly-girl and we just can’t get enough of her. She jumped up and down in the hot air balloon, played peek-a-boo with us, and would clap her hands and scream with excitement. At one point, she even clamped her hands over her mouth as if we just announced that she had won the crown for Miss America.  She won everyone over and we all had a blast watching her innocent face gleam with happiness and delight. The photos are stunning and I couldn’t have asked for more. My husband tells me I need to stop freaking out over these photo shoots because they always go so well; I feel so blessed to have someone that loves and supports me, no matter what crazy idea I come up with- He truly is our number one fan… WE LOVE YOU, BABY!

Thank you so much to all those involved, especially The Palazzo Grande for hosting the photo shoot. The venue was beyond stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for London’s posh photos by the extremely talented, Marcella’s Photography. You are phenomenal at catching life’s most treasured moments and your attention to detail is truly unsurpassed.

Leave it to Chic Events to bring your vision to life. Floral designer, Chivan’s uniqueness and artistry shine through her elegant flower arrangements. Her intrinsic attention to detail and artistic style transformed the entire photo shoot scene for London’s first birthday. Her gorgeous blend of roses, hydrangeas and balloons created an imaginative and playful space that was perfect for London’s whimsical fairytale.

Mad About Balloons truly made me feel like a kid again, bringing my childhood dreams of a make-believe hot air balloon come true for my daughter. Francine embellished my ideas of an imaginative hot air balloon- creating something that made me feel like we really could go up, up, and away…

You could only imagine the way London’s face lit up at the sight of the variety of sugary treats on display over piles of Opulent Treasures cake and dessert stands. The Sweet Treats by Samantha were rich, scrumptious and not to mention- just downright beautiful; topped with gold glitter and the most ornate chocolate pastel decorations.


Nostalgic Ice Cream, famous for its custom ice cream sandwiches were absolute MAGIC! The perfect mix of creamy homemade ice cream with chocolate chips, cinnamon and a touch of nuts all in between two chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies were just heavenly. Their ice cream sandwiches can be customized any way your heart desires and they are also available to cater any event.

London’s two tier pearl and flower cake by Kasi’s Cakes was exactly what I imagined! Perfectly adorned with London’s darling champagne gold cake topper, the cake itself was delicious. With every layer a different texture and flavor, the cake was light and moist with an icing that was the ideal combination of sweet and creamy.

Although, London wasn’t much of a “smasher,” her smash cake was quite the sweet indulgence made with all natural and organic ingredients for all of your little ones with food sensitivities. Chef Jess Marie’s playful twist on the ombre frosting was flawlessly decorated with 24 karat edible gold foil.

Whether you are taking the photos yourself or getting them professionally done, here are some smash cake birthday photo shoot tips to get you started:

  • Start with a theme. For London, I wanted something playful, whimsical and dreamy like out of a fairytale.
  • You will need props: think party hats, balloons, sweet treats, a 1 prop, baby’s custom name prop, noisemakers,  poppers and tiaras.
  • Your baby’s outfit should be festive for the occasion. I wanted London to have different outfits for every scene and went with pastels. Think a party dress or tutu for your girlies and a tux for baby boys.
  • Think of your backdrops. If you are taking outdoor photos- I love gardens, flowers, greenery or an open field. For an indoor shoot, you can make your own backdrop with tassel garland, banners or balloons.
  • Find a distraction for your child to play with while you snap away. London loves balloons so I knew the balloon accents in the flowers would keep her busy and it worked perfectly for the shoot.
  • Bring an assistant. I could never get these photos done without my hubby. I usually direct the photo shoots while Nick tries to catch her attention and entertain her. Remember, this is a baby and they tend to move all over the place.
  • Have fun! Nothing is more exciting than watching their adorable personalities shine through while you celebrate their amazing first year of life.

People always say that a child’s first birthday party is mostly for their parents. After all of the fun we had, I am going to have to disagree. London, I hope you always smile, and laugh and dance and I hope the world always shines upon you. And whenever we can, your daddy and I are going to make sure you have a million once in a lifetime opportunities to cherish and enjoy, creating memories full of color and beauty- just like you. We love you. Happiest of Birthdays to you, our sweet darling.


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  1. Katie Barnhart Reply

    Absolutely beautiful!! The best photoshoot I have ever seen for a first birthday! From the flowers, to the hot air balloon and the beautiful desserts, you and your wonderful team didn’t miss any details! 💕Xoxo

  2. Oh.my.GOODNESS!!! Those photos and that video many be the cutest thing I have ever seen!! I hope my children have beautiful birthdays like this {not pregnant yet, so we have some time still 😉 } Well done my dear!

  3. Wow! Beautiful. Everywhere.
    What a Happy birthday. she looks fabulous and they’re perfect images 🙂

  4. How absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic photos and Happy Birthday! I don’t care what anyone says but I think 1st birthdays have to be celebrated. Such an incredible milestone.

  5. Keeley Nicholls Reply

    Absolutely beautiful! So glad you all had a fantastic day <3

  6. Sarah DeSanto Reply

    Obsessed with this blog! A must read for all mommies & not to mention, London is adorable!

  7. Kimberly Johnson Reply

    London is the most beautiful, sweetest baby girl I have ever seen. Your vision was absolutely phenomenal. From the “hot air balloon”balloons to the flowers and treats. Her cute little outfit was so spot on. Your daughter is absolutely stunning. I wish her and you the best of luck on ur fashion and lifestyle blog.

  8. What an absorbable birthday celebration! How fun to have these special photos to treasure forever. I love every little detail! You did a fabulous job planning everything!

  9. That looks gorgeous! And bubba looks soooo happy! I love that her name is London and that she’s going to have these amazing photos to look back on!

  10. Oh my goodness!!!! This is seriously the cutest first little birthday I have ever seen! So perfect. Thank you for all your great birthday tips too! We have two little birthdays coming up, so I will definitely be putting these to use! 🙂

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