It’s finally here! My baby girl is ONE! Happy Birthday to London! Nick says he is surprising us girlies with dinner reservations somewhere special tonight; I can’t wait! Tomorrow we will be having her birthday photo shoot and then some family and friends over to celebrate. I thought now would be the perfect time to say all of the things I have wanted to say to the little girl that has stolen my heart. This letter literally took me days to write because I wanted it to be perfect.  Then I just stopped editing it and let my imperfections flow… I cried writing most of it and I think I’ll cry every time I read it. Now everything that people have been telling me makes perfect sense- a mother’s love is so difficult to put into words; you just feel it. Thank you God for another beautiful day. Enjoy it, loves!

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet and darling baby girl! London, you are my biggest blessing in life. There is nothing that has brought me more joy than being your mommy. God knew what he was doing by giving you to me- but he always does. I am so grateful to have you as my daughter. It is the best reminder when I look into your beautiful, big brown eyes and you reach for my face so we can give each other eskimo kisses in the morning.  My little doll- you have changed me more than you will ever know, and now suddenly you are ONE!

It seems cliché to say that I blinked and the past 365 days flew by but it sure seems like they have. I still remember us bringing you home from the hospital. I was so anxious about getting you home safe and sound. I couldn’t stop staring at you. When I finally pulled myself away to take a quick shower, I came out and saw your daddy just watching you sleep in your bassinet. I thought, “Oh my God- is this real life?” I then whispered to myself, “Thank you Jesus,” with tears in my eyes. My love, not a single thing has changed. I still can’t take my eyes off of you; I still can’t stop snuggling you and showering you with kisses. As a matter of fact, I can’t ever imagine things not being this way.

I still can’t believe it has been twelve whole months of loving you my sweet girl. I fall more in love with you by the minute. I love following you around trying to keep up with your adventures and curiosity. I love to watch you explore your surroundings and give out your sweet, innocent smiles to whomever you see. I never knew motherhood would feel this way…

You look at me like I can fix anything and can make everything right. I hope you will always need me like this. I hope you will always cuddle up to me and squeeze me tight. I hope you will always shriek and laugh when you hear me coming up the stairs and then crawl/walk/run up to me and jump into my arms when I get home from work.

My sweet darling little London, words can’t express how much I adore you. My world and heart are so full because of the joy you bring me… I feel so blessed to have you as my forever best friend. You are more than anything I could have ever dreamed. You are the sweetest soul with the biggest personality wrapped in one tiny little body.

This past year has been unlike anything I could have ever imagined- it truly felt like a fairytale. Your daddy and I have enjoyed every minute of everyday watching you grow and learn and explore the world around you. My darling love, this is only the beginning and our best years are ahead of us… keep shining, keep smiling and ALWAYS remember that you are MAGIC.

When you are old enough to read and old enough to understand, remember that I will always be your biggest fan, and that the day you were born my whole world changed- that will always be my favorite day.

On your first birthday and every birthday, I promise to make all of your dreams a reality and to make every wish of yours come true. My best friend in the whole wide world- I love you, I adore you and you will ALWAYS be my baby.



  1. WOW! I feel goosebumps all over my body <3 God bless our beautiful London with health, happiness and good looks for 100 years. Farrah, when I read it, I feel like I'm talking about you. God has fantastic plans for us, mark my words.

    Happy Birthday to beautiful London. I wish you the best birthday and I wish you the best 100 birthdays with health, wealth, happiness and good looks. God bless her and bless her family. I love you habibi!

  2. Wow….so touching and loving. Can easily make a grown man get emotional and teary-eyed…your love for London is so strong and powerful that even your beautifully and vividly written words in the blog post above don’t do it justice. Happy Happy 1st Birthday to my adorable doll of a niece London, who I absolutely love with all my heart. I wish you all a lifetime filled with utmost love and happiness 😊🎉🎈🙏

  3. Happy first birthday London!!! I wish you a lifetime of happiness!! 💕💕

  4. Happiest of Birthdays to my princess, London Mou!!! You have now officially graced us with 365 days of pure magic, excitement, love, laughter, and joy!!! Auntie Kate loves you to the moon & stars, pumpkin pie!! I’m so glad God blessed Mumma & Dada with your beautiful presence! I look forward to seeing you grow each & everyday! When I get to Michigan, I’m taking you & Mumma for a babyccino, brunch, shopping & of course, we will be decked out head-to-toe, because who runs the world – GIRLS!! I love you London Mou! Agapi Mou says Happiest of Birthdays and Xronia Polla to you princess L! You’re adored by so many!! Xoxoxo!! 💕

  5. Crystal & Amelia Reply

    You touch my heart so much every time you write about your love for her. It always hits home. You’re such a good mama❤️ Happy Birthday sweet London! We love you and wish you the best birthday with many more greater ones ahead. 😘

  6. Happy 1st birthday London! Sending you lots of birthday hugs and kisses!😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉🎉

  7. So cute! Happy 1st birthday London! Such a sweet, funny, and adorable little girl who I love spending everyday with💖😘

  8. Happy birthday London!!!! Can’t believe you are already a whole year old. Where does the time go. You are so lucky to have such a loving, fabulous, hard working mommy. She has worked so hard to make this day perfect for you. Hope you all have a fabulous day celebrating. Xoxo.

  9. This is so touching and brings tears to my eyes. It is such a joy and you are such am amazing mumma….you both are so blessed to have each other! Xoxo

  10. Baby girl. I want to wish you the happiest first birthday ever. You have brought sunshine and happiness to everyone you. Are around. Your giggles and smiles are contagious. You’re a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. May all your wishes and dreams come true. We ♡you baby girl

  11. Amazing post, Farrah! The journey has just begun and it has been amazing since the beginning. Happy 1st Birthday London!!! You are truly something special and we thank God for Blessing us with you. Your love for fun and smiling is inspiring to all of those around you. To be so inspirational at such a young age is a clear indicator of what you will go on to achieve in the future. Greatness! Happy Birthday with many many more!

  12. Happy 1st birthday London!! Your daughter is beautiful Farrah and that letter is just gorgeous! What an incredible bond 🙂 xxx

  13. What a sweet letter to your daughter! You so eloquently captured how so many of us mom’s feel about that special bond with our daughters! Happy Birthday London!

  14. This is so sweet!!! Just teared up reading this!! So so so sweet. Just lifted your daughter up in prayer! Excited to see how the Lord will use her and bless her! xox

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