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On Nick: Outfit: Banana Republic | Venue: Chapman House

Most parents would agree that despite the piling loads of laundry, the crazy messes, and the middle of the night wake-up calls, becoming a parent is one of the best things in the world. What many couples tend to forget is that your first baby is your relationship and a marriage constantly needs attention to thrive and grow. As much as we love taking our children with us everywhere, it’s nice to get away every now and then and rekindle the friendship and romance you have with your significant other. After all, that is what started this amazing journey in the first place. After saying “I do,” the key to a happy and successful marriage is to continue dating each other. Scroll through for my list of 5 Ways to Date Your Spouse. Hopefully this will spark a desire to book a sitter and schedule a fun and romantic night out, tonight!

  1. Make Each Other A Priority
    Find a way to connect with your spouse everyday. Nick and I get our daily dose of alone time every night when we put London to bed. We make some tea and hot chocolate and talk about our day, our to-do lists and our goals for the week. It helps us keep each other in the loop and motivated to accomplish all of the tasks at hand.
  2.  Schedule Date Night
    Whether it’s going out for dinner or making time to workout together, doing something alone with your spouse is important to maintain intimacy and friendship. Nick and I love our date nights and recently went to check out Chapman House in our new neighborhood. We were having so much fun that we almost forgot we had to get home at a decent hour to our baby girl… Almost!

    The Chapman House is a gorgeous new venue that is perfect for a night of modern American dining, good laughs and great conversation. This high-end hot spot is definitely making its mark on the Rochester Hills dining scene, bringing with it magnificent, cutting-edge cooking inspired by French tradition, and paired with a superb wine list that’s inventive enough to satisfy even the most sophisticated of palates. Chapman House has recently been noted as an up and coming metro Detroit place to dine that serves up contemporary American entrees uniquely presented with a delicious twist of textures, temperatures and flavors by mastermind, Chef Chris. Some menu stunners include the Tuna Crudo which is seasoned with black sesame, a touch of papaya and a bite of avocado, the Confit Chicken Wings made with duck fat and a sweet Seoul glaze, and the Crispy Brussel Sprouts complete with bits of bacon and apple. If you’re feeling something warm and filling, the Semolina Gnocchi made with grans padano from Italy and artichoke, along with the Crispy-Skin Loup de Mer served over risotto and peas and topped with sautéed morel mushrooms are delightful and intriguing creations that are unlike any other meal in town.The exquisite menu selection changes daily based on market availability, but with the seasoned flavors and flawless execution, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

    3. Send Each Other Sweet Texts and Reminders
    I think everyone can agree that there is nothing sweeter than receiving a text message from your significant other with an unexpected romantic message or compliment in the middle of the day. 

    4. Lead by Example
    Kissing your spouse hello or goodbye sets an amazing example for your children. Your kids will notice when you go out on date nights, spend time talking and laughing together, and when you put each other first. 

    5. Have Fun
    Being in a growing relationship with your spouse should be one of life’s greatest adventures. The most important thing we have is each other and life is too short to not put a little fun, happiness and excitement in each day. 


  1. I remember when we were dating and we texted, emailed, instant messaged whenever we got the chance. We barely do that now – it’s definitely a good tip; a little goes a long way!

    Chapman House is on my list, we’ve been trying to hit new places on our date nights to keep it interesting.

  2. We have been dying to go to the Chapman House! I can’t wait to go after hearing you say how awesome It is!

  3. We have been dying to go to the Chapman House! I can’t wait to go after hearing you say how awesome It is!

  4. The food looks amazing! We have plans to go try out their brunch in the next couple of weeks.

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