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We all send our children off to school to learn from their teachers and peers and as important as it is for our children to be taught in a classroom, it is equally as important for our children to get proper instruction at home. These past few months, my goal has been to teach London how to read. While we have been reading books to her every night ever since she was born, I decided to get a tutor to help. Tutor-Mate is an affordable tutoring service that comes to you. I love that our tutor comes to meet London at home  and always bring social books and activities to ensure she is getting that 1-on-1 attention while that matches her learning style. It makes it so much easier that I don’t have to pack up three kids and take them anywhere. Tutor-Mate offers individualized learning plans based on every child’s individual needs so whether it’s help with homework or basic like skills, Tutor-Mate does it all. Getting a tutor for London was one of the best thing I’ve ever done! Kids learn so quickly while they’re young, and i wanted to be sure to give her the opportunity to not only excel, but to be excited to learn. While we are still learning how to read, London loves seeing her tutor every week and is always so excited to pick up a book and “read” to us! Keep reading for my top 5 tips on how to get your child excited about reading.

  1. Read! Read! Read!
    One of the best things you can do for your child is read to them. They learn so much from this little snuggle session; everything from learning how to hold a book, to reading left to right to recognizing and pronouncing words. I love having our tutor come twice a week to work with London and immediately saw her advance in both reading and writing. She immediately learned how to spell her name and began to point out words whenever we would read together before bed. London loves reading Goodnight Moon with her tutor and with us and I hope she never stops getting excited about it!
  2. Let your Child Read.  
    Have your child read to you. Even if they don’t really know how to read, children love to make up stories as they go and it is so sweet and fun to watch their imaginations run wild. 
  3. Be Interactive.
    We love to ask London questions while reading to her like, “What color are the Octopus’ shoes?” and “Where did the cat go?” This not only encourages your child to interact with the story by pointing and explaining what they see, but also helps them comprehend what they’re reading and expand their vocabulary.
  4. Point Out letters and Words Wherever You Are.
    London has gotten so good at recognizing letters and words wherever we go. She’s always pointing to letters on elevator floors and doors and definitely recognizes  her name on my necklace and her name puzzle and everyday we notice her vocabulary expanding more and more. 

With Tutor-Mate, you and your tutor will create a team for your child that fosters lifelong learning, development and a love for reading. Do you have any tips for teaching your child how to read? We would love to hear about them in the comments below! 

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