On Farrah: Dress | On London, Gisele, Poppy: Tutu du Monde
On Leo: Egg New York ( Use Code LAMB20 to save on your purchase)
Photography: Mira Photography

Growing up one of my favorite things to do was have magical tea parties and events with my siblings. Now that I have kids of my own, they seem to love it just as much. With Easter right around the corner, I had a magical Easter picnic right at home and you can too!   I’ve listed the top 5 things you need for your next whimsical affair.

1. Sweet Treats
Our favorites are Crumbl Cookies; they are huge and 
delicious! They have all of their cookies on display and the most amazing ice cream. I love that they deliver and the presentation is perfect every time.

2. Cake Stands
Opulent Treasures cake stands are so elegant and beautiful. They instantly elevate any event and are perfect for displaying everything from desserts to surprises for the little lambs.

3. Surprise Toys
I picked up the sweetest little sensory kits + Usborne Easter books from EduKidsMom; their books are amazing and have to be ordered from a certified dealer. The kids were so excited to find them in this huge picnic basket that was filled with one surprise after another.

4. A Dress for the Occasion
Tutu du Monde dresses are so stunning; every detail is so magical. Leo looks like such a gentleman in his two piece suit from EGG. We love everything they have in store.

If you have any other must-haves for the perfect par-tea please drop them below!

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